Doing business
the right way.

Doing business the right way.

Battery-Biz is an employee-owned company focused on the design, manufacturing and marketing of high quality power products. We bring over 30 years of power-related experience to everything we make. Our products feature some of the best known brands in the world and can be found in many of the largest retailers.

Our Purpose | Doing Business the Right Way

As a company we are responsible for our collective moral, spiritual, and material welfare. It is our responsibility to create an environment in which our people prosper. When we live in this truth it naturally extends to society and to the world at large.

Our Principles

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you - You get what you give and what goes around comes around.

2. We default to trust, we empower people with information and freedom - We are open, transparent, and we delegate power. We treat people like adults.

3. We are a company of owners - We know and teach the rules, follow the action and keep score, everyone has a stake in the outcome

4. We focus on our customers and everything else follows - We make great products and provide our customers with exceptional service.

5. We can make money with integrity - We are honest and transparent internally, with customers and with vendors.

6. You gotta wanna - We are a high performance, high output culture.

7. We play to win and we have fun doing it - We celebrate wins, we celebrate our culture.

8. Do no harm and seek to improve the world - We strive to improve the lives of our employees and make a positive contribution to our community and to the world we live in.

The Great Game of Business and Open Book Management

We owe a debt of gratitude to Jack Stack and the good people at SRC Corp. of Springfield, MO who taught us how to play the Great Game of Business and become a company of owners: a company of people who think and act like business people and who have a stake in the outcome. We run our company on an open book system – our financial statements (and all other key metrics) are shared with everyone in the organization on a regular basis. Instead of Command and Control we believe in Inform and Empower.

Inform: we teach our people how to read and understand the company’s financial statements and how their particular role affects those statements. People are able to draw a straight line from their job to the company’s profitability. We teach people to see the Big Picture.

Empower: we give our employee/owners the freedom and the tools to do their job in the most effective and efficient way so that they can move the numbers in the right direction.

We strive to distribute the intelligence and decision-making power to all the nodes of the organization rather than aggregating them at the top. The result: a company of informed and educated people who understand the implications of their roles and decisions on the company’s financial health and performance. We’re all looking at the same numbers, we all understand our greatest challenges and opportunities and we all work together towards the same goals and objectives.

Interested in learning more? We highly recommend reading The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack