Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500
Duracell PowerBlock 500

Duracell PowerBlock 500


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Powers up to 7 devices at once
(3) AC Ports, (2) USB-A Ports, (1) USB-C Port, (1) 12V DC.

Off-Grid power anytime, anywhere
With built in 200W MPPT solar controller for solar recharge.

Intelligent LCD Display
Takes the guesswork out of portable power.

Superior Design
Lightweight, compact and silent operation.

Recharge Options
AC, DC via MPPT: attach a 200W Solar Panel.

Recharge Times
AC: 7 Hrs, Solar: 4 Hrs

PowerBlock 500, a Gasless Battery Generator that provides portable power when you need it most! The PowerBlock 500 is lightweight and compact, making it great for on-the-go, outdoor recreation, camping and preparing for emergencies. The PowerBlock 500 includes a 478Wh Lithium-Ion battery and 500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter that can power a variety of household devices from cellphones, CPAPs to mid-size refrigerators! You can charge or power up to 7 devices at once with the multiple port options available: 3 AC Outlets, 2 USB-A Ports, 1 USB-C Port and a 12V DC socket. Recharge your PowerBlock 500 two ways: Using AC power or DC power using the built-in MPPT Controller and Solar Panels. The PowerBlock 500 is UL2743 safety certified and has built-in protection features to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Designed with You in Mind

The PowerBlock 500 is designed for everyday people. At 10.6lbs, we’ve made the PowerBlock 500 as lightweight as possible, while keeping it powerful enough to run your most important devices. The ergonomic carry handle makes movement around the house or on-the-go easy. The compact design is great if you’re packing light for your next road trip or if space is limited at home. With silent operation, you can use the PowerBlock 500 anywhere, anytime.

So Easy, Anyone Can Use It

We’ve taken the guesswork out of portable power. Simply plug in the device you want to power in any of the 7 output ports and press the power button to get started! The intelligent LCD screen display lets you know exactly how many hours of power you have remaining based on the devices you have connected. When you’re charging the PowerBlock, the display will also tell how many more hours it will take to get the PowerBlock fully charged.

Reliable Emergency Power

Keep the PowerBlock 500 on standby for power outages, bad weather and other emergencies! It’s safe to keep the PowerBlock 500 plugged into your AC outlet for maintenance charging when not in use. The internal charger is designed to optimize power without overcharging the battery, giving you maximum power to keep critical devices powered up until power is restored!

Fast 4 Hour Recharge with Solar

The PowerBlock includes a built-in 200-Watt MPPT solar controller that allows for a 4 hour recharge time with most 200W Solar Panels. Uses an industry standard Anderson Connector for compatibility with most solar panels. (solar panel not included)

Battery Powered vs Gas Generators

Unlike Gas Generators, the PowerBlock 500 is battery powered, meaning it is safe for both outdoor and indoor use. When you choose the PowerBlock 500, worries about fuel storage or dangerous fumes are thing of the past. The PowerBlock 500 provides clean and sustainable energy and emit 81% less CO2 emissions than gas-powered generators.

PowerBoost Technology

Some devices, like refrigerators, need a little extra boost of power to get started. With our PowerBoost inverter, the PowerBlock 500 can withstand a higher wattage power draw, up to 1000 watts, for a short time - just enough time to get your device going.

Intelligent LCD Display

1/3 the weight of SLA powered power stations

Light Weight & Compact Design

Capacity478Wh (11.1V, 44.3Ah)
AC Charger120 VAC, 80 W
Solar Controller - MPPT13-30 VDC, 200 W Max
AC Outlet
Number of outlets3
Output120 VAC, 60Hz, Pure Sine Wave
AC Output (continuous)500 W
AC Output (5 min PowerBoost)650 W
AC Output (3 sec PowerBoost)1000 W
USB Ports
USB - A (2x)5 V, 2.4 A
USB - C PD (1x)5V / 9V / 12V / 15V / 20V, 3.0A, 60W Max
EMIFCC Part 15
Dimensions and Weight
Length27.0 cm / 10.6 in
Width22.7 cm / 8.9 in
Height20.0 cm / 7.9 in
Weight4.8 Kg / 10.6 lbs
DeviceContinuous Draw (Watts)Average Run Time
LED String Lights3.3W151 hours
LED Light Bulb (100 W Equivalent)14W35.5 hours
LED Light Bulb (60 W Equivalent)8.2W61 hours
Incandescent Light Bulb58.8W8.5 hours
CPAP53W10 hours
TV (42" LED) (100 W) + DVR48.3W11 hours
Cable Modem + Wi-Fi Router12.5W40 hours
Bar Fridge (1.7 cu ft)50W12 hours
Dorm Fridge/Mini Fridge (3.7 cu ft)40W12 hours
Mid Size Refrigerator (17 cu ft)78W7 hours
Ice Maker90W5.5 hours
Sump Pump250W1.5 hours
Blender200W1.5 hours

**Recommended for efficient refrigerators less than 18cu ft.

NOTE: Not recommended for air conditioners or items with heating elements such as space heaters, rice cookers and hot plates.

Average Run Times

Mid-sized refrigerator

7 hours

Mini refrigerator

12 hours

LED television

11 hours

LED Table Lamp

61 hours

Cable/Wifi Router

40 hours

Sump Pump

1.5 hours

LED Lights

151 hours


9x charges


17x charges

Smart Phone

72x charges